Thyroid Roadmap Class with Miss Lizzy

I watched my life passing me by, feeling powerless and hopeless. For 35 years, I suffered with undiagnosed hypothyroidism because it didn't show up in the lab testing. 

This condition made me overweight, exhausted, sick, foggy, and depressed. I knew if I kept on that path, my health and suffering would get worse. Finally, I reached rock bottom and I decided to take charge of my thyroid health for good.

If you suffer from low thyroid function, conversion issues, adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto's, MTHFR, PCOS, or mineral deficiencies, my coaching class will give YOU the tools to help you feel better. Enroll today and take back your life. 
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Enroll today and get two private zoom coaching sessions with Miss Lizzy

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Learn on your schedule & get live help along the way

Live Weekly QA

Join a live QA session twice a month with Miss Lizzy, get help, ask questions, and discuss your tracker progression

On-Demand Learning

Set your own schedule with on-demand access to the Thyroid Roadmap Class most recent semester.

Full Access to the Tracker

Get access to the entire Thyroid Roadmap Tracker including the Symptom Tracker, Body Temperature Tracker, Med Diary, Med Change Tracker, Symptom Quiz, and Weight Tracker.


Follow the Thyroid Roadmap in a simple step-by-step process with videos, ebooks, worksheets, and more.
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