Thyroid Coaching to Help You Solve Thyroid Issues for Good

This coaching program is for thyroid patients who want to feel healthier, have more energy, and reach their weight loss goals.

Low Body Temperature and Thyroid Function

Whether you've been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, undiagnosed but suspect you have low thyroid function, or your thyroid treatment isn't working, this course is for you. Learn important tools and tips about body temperature, symptoms, medications, mineral deficiencies, and more.

About Miss Lizzy

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I suffered from undiagnosed hypothyroidism for 35 years because my TSH lab testing was considered normal. Low thyroid function made me overweight, exhausted, sick, foggy, puffy, and depressed. 

Doctors told me I was fine, that it was all my head. But it wasn't. No one believed me. I felt powerless and alone, in a body that didn't work for me. 

When the doctor discovered a thyroid nodule, they told me to have a total thyroidectomy. But that didn't make sense! How could they say I had a thyroid nodule but not a thyroid condition?

That's when I decided to take charge of my thyroid health and my life. With brain fog and fatigue, I clawed my way back to health, lost over 35 pounds, and restored my thyroid health. 

At age 49 I feel better than I did at 29. I know it's possible to feel healthy with a thyroid condition.

More importantly, I know the issues that prevent thyroid patients from getting better and what to do about it!

  What's Included?

Talk live with Miss Lizzy, discuss your tracker and get answers to your questions in a one-on-one zoom video session. 
Watch at your own pace with on-demand access to 12+ hours of video classes and access to future class content.
Access to the complete Thyroid Tracker, quizzes, ebooks, worksheets, downloads, community access, and more.


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