Thyroid Reset Course

Learn how to take charge of your thyroid health in this exclusive live coaching course with Miss Lizzy. Week-by-week you will learn the tools, trackers, and strategies to help you feel empowered. You'll learn about the testing, medications, related conditions, foods for thyroid heath, and so much more!

Benefits of coaching

Miss Lizzy has designed the most motivating, simple learning paths for you.

Have Hope

 Our courses are designed to be simple and easy-to-follow. We will teach you skills, help you set realistic goals, and stick with you every step of the way.

Take Charge

Strategies and knowledge helps our students to immediately take charge of their thyroid health for quick wins and long term confidence.

Stay Motivated

Whether you're advocating for yourself or helping other students in class, the support of the group helps everyone stay motivated. 
Aim high, see big, judge widely

Feel Empowered in Your Thyroid Health

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the medical terms, medications, lab testing, scary research studies, and misinformation about thyroid health?  Are you experiencing health issues and don't know what it means or where to start? Do you feel like no one really understands how much you're struggling? Do you want to feel empowered, positive, and in control? 

Miss Lizzy will help you learn how to understand your symptoms, reduce fear, create action plans, and measure progress so you can feel confident and strategic in getting results you want.

You'll come away with simple, effective strategies to optimize thyroid health to help you can feel more positive about your future self.
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